Bakery Story Tips Iphone & Android

Tips  and Tricks: For Bakery Story

How to Get Easy Coin!

One easy way to obtain earn coins and gems fast is to cook a lot of the same food dishes. You will earn a lot Chef Points which will up your ranking in bakery story.
The Door Trick – To stop bad rating

Let’s say you don’t have any food on display for your customer. Well this is a problem because it would give you a bad rating. No problem all you have to do is block your door entrance with a decorate such as counter in front of your door. Go to the decorate menu and place something in front of your door =).
Making The Same Food

When you open the cook book, under the food icons there are ‘bars’ like graphs , which seem to be at different ‘stages’. They are actually to measure your experience in cooking that particular food. The more you cook it, the more bonus experience points you get. For example, baking cookies again and again (about 12 times) gained me the level of ‘Apprentice in cookies’ and I got 20 bonus XP points too! The more expensive the food and the longer it takes to cook. Obviously, the more the experience bonus.
How to Expand Your Bakery

To do this you will need coins or gems to buy extensions and it is advisable to wait until you have enough money to be able to expand and redecorate it completely time. To develop tap on the “Design” button at the bottom right of your game screen This will open the boutique store. Locate the last tab at the top of the merchandise and that is the menu of your expansion. Enter the extension you want to buy your bread and you will immediately have larger walls and the floor area.

Chocolate Cake and Muffins

You can earn a lot more money by making a lot of short time stuff like chocolate cake and muffins instead of longer stuff like strawberry cheesecake or cinnamon scrolls.


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