Bakery Story Cheats – iPhone & Android

The Bakery Close Door Trick – Save Rating

Let’s say you don’t have any food on display in the bakery, and you’re still cooking some bread. But you don’t want to get a bad rating, right? Well, you don’t have to get one. Just go to your decorate screen and then put something in front of the door for example like a counter. Customers can’t get in, and you keep your rating. This will help you level up faster.

Finish Food Instantly FREE (NO GEMS) Cheats

1)First you need to choose what you wanna cook in your bakery.
2)Just for an example take a [Peach Cobbler]
3)The Peach Cobbler will takes 3hours to be finish
4)But this cheat! Will help you! You don’t need To wait freaking 2 days for a Pumpkin Pie?
6)BUT: When you set the Peach Cobbler to begin
7)Go to your ipad/iphone setting and set the clock 3hours fast forward.
9)Then your Peach Cobbler should be finished
10)And you can get a lot of money without using ANY Gems!

How To earn more Gems!

Every time when you open to play bakery story or restaurant story, there will be a pop up message and it will tell you to download a game (example Ninja’s Live) and get 6 gems free. Install that game, open it and go into the game until you reach another pop up saying earning 6 gems for Bakery story and Restaurant Story… Click ‘ok’. Once that is done, uninstall the game (Ninja’s Live) and you will received 6 gems.

Level up really fast works 100%

Start out by cooking a food that will give you alots of exp. Then as soon as you prepare it , double tap and tap start new dish then cook another food with lots of exp. Then rotate between the two foods till you are at the level you want to be. If you don’t have as much cash , use the cheap foods.

How to Get more Neighbors.

To get more neighbors all you have to do is look at the walls of the bakery’s you visit to leave tips. Chances are there are at least a few people (probably more depending on their activity and level) who have left their id on the wall. Just go to your invite tab and enter the id’s left on the wall.

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