100 Gates Android Walkthrough Levels 11-20

100 Gates walkthrough For levels 11-20, levels which can be a lot more difficult than the first 10 ones. But I am here to discuss a complete 100 Gates walkthrough for levels 11 to level 20, so you won’t get stuck:

100 Gates Android Walkthrough Levels 11-20

100 Gates Android 11

Drag the pile of wood towards the fireplace, then shake your device to get started on the fire. Now tap the chest to open it and reveal the shapes. Now drag the green on in the spot inside the upper left corner. The blue circle within the upper right, the yellow triangle about the left corner from the fireplace as well as the red piece is placed right higher than the fireplace.

100 Gates Android 12

Take the hammer and break the 5 bottles of wine. Then a knife will drop, go on it and use it to tap the spider’s web before you can see the final of the room. Hit the wine cabinet to start the door.

100 Gates Android 13

Tap the button to disclose a code. Now slowly tilt and hold your device to the right (simply a small tilt) and hold off until the chair disappears. Tap the painting and you may move forward one stage further.

100 Gates Android 14

Here you have to re-create the skeleton. First remove every one of the weapons to a corner, to help you see better in which the pieces of the puzzle are. You need to put the pieces inside the order that’s written on to the ground. So first squeeze chest that’s the bottom right, then a piece at the top left, the left leg, right leg, left arm and right hand. Then hit the mirror until it breaks and open the entranceway.

100 Gates Android 15

Press the sun in the upper left corner. Select it from your inventory and put it on the blue sun spinning on the door. Now press the following symbols:

On the left side (top to bottom) 1st, 2nd, 4th
On the top (left to right) 3rd
On the right side (top to bottom) 1st, 4th

100 Gates Android 16

This one took ages and made my brain explode! So, there’s two things to consider here: tilting the phone to make the bow about the hearts move, then a direction the cupids are facing. So here will be the order:

1. Tilt the device until the bow is pointing on the upper left corner, then click the bottom left cupid.
2. Tilt the phone until the bow is pointing towards the bottom left corner, then click on the upper left cupid.
3. Have the bow point directly upwards then click on the top right Cupid.
4. Have the bow point directly downwards and go through the last cupid. Click the door and exit.

100 Gates Android 17

You need to tap the fruits in the order shown for the pan: Apple, Blueberry, Peach, Pear, Strawberry, Cherry, Banana, Watermelon, Lemon then yet again Apple. Simply tap the apple as soon as the symbol in the apple shows and yes it pressed and you will hear a sound. Then tap the threshold and proceed.

100 Gates Android 18

The answer for this level is 3, 5 , 9 , 7, 1

100 Gates Android 19


100 Gates Android 20

Use the knife to chop the vines. A pass code has become showing you how many times you should tap each symbol. So hit 1 time the bottom left shield, then 3x the very best right shield and 2x the lower right shield. Now press and hold the sword to complete the level.

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  • September 8, 2012 at 4:37 am

    I am stuck on level 16. When I line bow up with the Cupid and tap it nothing happens. Are they supposed to change colors or make a sound when you tap them?


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