100 Gates (Android) Puzzle Answers levels 1-10

Introducing the most addictive “Room Escape” puzzle game for Android.

Advance to the next room of the castle by solving the puzzle! 100 gates walkthrough

– The best door exit game available for ANDROID
– Completely free
– Complete utilization of your devices features!
– Addicting mini puzzles!
– Gorgeous graphics and Sound
– Balanced difficult level from very easy to very hard

How to play – 100 gates hints
– Unlock the current door to get the next level
– Each level has a different puzzle to be solved
– Use any possible way to unlock: Drag, Shake, Touch the floor, Swipe, Tap,Tilt ,Push Buttons and so on
– Many different items available

100 gates walkthrough levels 1-10

100 Gates level 1 Walkthrough/Answers

Just need to click on the door to make open

100 Gates level 2 Walkthrough

there’s a ring on bottom left that you can connect to the lion

then tap it to open

100 gates level 3 walkthrough

remove the left bush to see a button

hold it for like 3 seconds and the door will open

100 gates level 4 walkthrough

the hint is on the floor, shake your phone !

100 gates level 5 walkthrough

Touch and slide for the knifes inside direction indicated by the blade. Start with underneath left knife and move up. So slide the lower left knife upwards, the one above downwards, the main one above to the correct and so on.

100 gates Level 6

You need to tilt the phone and move both balls in the middle of the cross and have them touch until the statue disappears and you can open the door. So tilt your phone to have the balls touch and wait a while (the phone will vibrate while the balls touch and the dots above will turn green).

100 gates level 7 walkthrough

Shake your phone/device before the knight and red curtains disappear. Then you need to change the color of the stars so it’s matching the map. So the colors beginning bottom left an going around the door are : red, blue, yellow, green, blue, green, red, yellow, blue. Then press the wooden fence to check out next level.

100 gates level 8 walkthrough

Pick up the hammer. kill all the roaches to open the door.

100 gates level 9 walkthrough

Shake the product until the fire is out. Click the face with the devil twice to make it disappear. Tap the bucket inside the lower right corner when it’s up, tap the true secret and use it to open the door.

100 gates level 10 walkthrough

First go ahead and take white paint bucket to your inventory. Then paint these lions symbols and press the door to open.

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