100 Floors Walkthrough & Cheats for level 91-100

Here is the final doors for 100 Floors level 91-100 walkthrough. The videos walkthrough will help you pass every levels after you cant figure out the answers to each floors!

100 Floors Level 91 Walkthrough

so blue ! there’s a brush on floor to the correct click it
use it to eliminate the white smudge around the right side
you will notice a number, click it! you will observe some color on door
now utilize the color on the top of the entranceway :
change the superior row be from left to right orange, light blue, and blue
change the bottom row be from left to right green, pink, and yellow
100 Floors Level 92 Walkthrough

4 arrow on the door, some words and N ?
you only need to change the arrow pointing direction :
1st row left = Up
1st row right = Right
2nd row left = Up
2nd row right = Down

100 Floors Level 93 Walkthrough

93 and stopwatch ? also 2 red button on floor
Hold around the left button for 9 seconds
Hold on the right button for 3 seconds
100 Floors Level 94 Walkthrough

 Tap Light Beams To XI.
2. Point Top Row Lights Down To :
 Bottom Middle, Bottom Left, Down
3. Point Bottom Row Lights Up To :
 Top Middle, Top Left, Up
100 Floors Level 95 Walkthrough

1. Tap Dots To Match This Pattern :
2. Top Row : All Green
3. Middle Row : Yellow, Green, Yellow
4. Bottom Row : All Green
100 Floors Level 96 Walkthrough

100 Floors Level 97 Walkthrough

1. Tap To Activate Machete
2. Tap Balloon
3. Tap Paper Scrap
4. Tap Blue Squares To Match Number Sequence: 3, 5, 7, 7
100 Floors Level 98 Walkthrough

49063 = 46665 and calculator
look around the left bottom, use brush to clear the number
Enter 52375
100 Floors Level 99 Walkthrough

100 Floors Level 100 Walkthrough

1. Tap Grey Square On Bottom Right And Swipe Right.
2. Repeat For Each Grey Square Going Up To Top.
3. Tap 6th Grey Square On Bottom Row And Swipe Left.
4. Tap 5th Grey Square On Next Row Up And Swipe Left.
5. Tap 3rd Grey Square On Next Row Up And Swipe Left.


Leave a Comment below, if you’re having problems with any of the following levels for 100 floors!

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