100 Doors 2013 Level 11 to 20 Answers

100 Doors 2013 walkthrough for Android, iPhone and iPod. The Answers below will help, you beat the levels 11 to 20.

100 Doors 2013 Level 11

A triangle and 90 degrees above the door. It takes many 90 degree angles, there is in each form. The exit code is then 4213.

100 Doors 2013 Level 12 Answers

Above the door 783. Tilt the Android to the left and get the rock. Use the stone to break the glass box. You will see a 4 behind the glass. The exit code is 7834.

100 Doors 2013 Level 13 

Pick up the ice cube tray and press the tap to fill it. Then select the bin filled your inventory and press the sign below 0

100 Doors 2013 Level 14

This is a simple sliding level, these doors are not very difficult at this point. Go left and right to exit.

100 Doors 2013 Level 15 walkthrough

Press the up and down along the lines indicated. Start with the left side from top to bottom. Then do the right side from top to bottom.

100 Doors 2013 Level 16 tips Android

When you shake your Android device you will get a key. Use this key from your inventory to exit the floor.

100 Doors 2013 Level 17

Press the top row to get a box. Select this box in your inventory, then press the bow on the right. Continue to use the box on the other bowls to make the snake go all the way. You will see a code on the snake 7911.

100 Doors 2013 Level 18

Place a finger on each white circle. Dragging with two fingers simultaneously. Easy to open a door.

100 Doors 2013 19 iPhone

On the floor tiles, you will see a pattern. Copy this model using black balls in the room.

100 Doors 2013 Level 20

You will see a code 1368 above the door. Use the two black arrows you see enter this code with the circle. The door opens.

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